The opioid crisis affects the entire country, but it is the states that bear the major brunt of the financial and societal consequences of addiction. Luckily, there are various measures state policymakers and public health leaders can implement to tackle the opioid epidemic and the overarching public health crisis of addiction effectively.


85% Decrease Opioid Rx

85% Decrease
Opioid Rx

85% of Florida counties decreased in opioid prescriptions after regulating pain clinics

50% Decrease Overdose Deaths

50% Decrease
Overdose Deaths

Florida regulation also resulted in a 50% decrease in Oxycodone overdose deaths

75% Decrease Doctor Shopping

75% Decrease Doctor Shopping

New York regulation resulted in a 75% drop in patients’ seeing multiple prescribers for the same drugs.

85% Decrease Opioid Rx

85% Decrease Opioid Rx

80% of Ohio counties decreased in opioid prescriptions after state regulation


Find facts and resources for state policymakers and public health leaders to help create effective opioid legislation in your state.


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- FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D.

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