Image of the Safer Lock locking cap and bottle.

Safer Lock

Safer Lock offers patented tamper-evident abuse deterrent devices for prescription medications. The patient or caregiver chooses the 4-digit combination and stores the prescriptions as they normally would, with the understanding that if someone tampers with their medication the Safer Lock would have evidence of the tampering. Safer Lock helps prevent diversion, accidental poisonings, and discourages prescription drug abuse.

Prevent Diversion and Substance Use Disorders

The Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 require manufacturers, distributors and dispensers of controlled substances to “provide effective controls and procedures to guard against theft and diversion” by storing prescriptions in a “securely locked, substantially constructed cabinet.” RxGuardian offers patients similar security measures with the Safer Lock combination lock, Safer Lock Box and RX Locking Cap to deter Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and theft.

By securing prescriptions medications in the home and during home delivery, RxGuardian’s Safer Lock portfolio offers a true deterrent to experimentation through diversion, which is proven to lead to Substance Use Disorder.

“Diversion” is defined as the transfer of a controlled substance from a lawful to an unlawful channel of distribution or use (Uniform Controlled Substances Act (1994)).

Substance Use Disorders occur when the recurrent use of alcohol and/or drugs causes clinically significant impairment, including health problems, disability, and failure to meet major responsibilities at work, school, or home.

Protect Patient Medication Adherence

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH) estimates 18 million people (more than 6 percent of those aged 12 and older) have misused prescription medications at least once in the past year. An estimated 2 million Americans misused prescription pain relievers for the first time within the past year, which averages to approximately 5,480 initiates per day. Additionally, more than one million misused prescription stimulants, 1.5 million misused tranquilizers, and 271,000 misused sedatives for the first time.

RxGuardian's product portfolio is designed to protect patient medications adherence by providing a tamper-evident and abuse deterrent combination locking cap.

How Does Safer Lock Work?

The Safer Lock uses a four-digit combination locking cap that fits existing prescription vials or can be used with the bottle provided. The combination may be chosen by the patient, caregiver or for larger orders combinations may be preset and assigned lot numbers. RxGuardian offers the ability to register combinations in the rare case it is forgotten.

The Safer Lock is USP 671 certified which measures moisture resistance and is also certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as senior-friendly and child-resistant.

Image of two pharmaceutical vials with Rx Locking Caps.
Rx Locking Cap
Image of two Safer Lock Boxes, one open and one closed.
Safer Lock Box