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A safer way to organize your medications. The RxGuardian PillMinder™ is a spill-resistant medication organizer that is more secure to help prevent accidental poisoning. Our easy-to-open push-and-slide closure passed testing to be arthritis-friendly, ensuring you can always access your medications when you need them. You no longer have to choose between easy-to-open or safe-and-secure when it comes to your medication organizer; the RxGuardian PillMinder™ gives you the benefit of both.

Prevent Medication Spills and Accidental Poisoning

Pill organizers are one of the primary sources of accidental medication poisoning for young children. If you have children living or visiting with you in your home, your medications could pose a risk to their health and safety. Medications are the leading cause of poisoning in children, and pain medications are the most frequent cause of pediatric fatalities reported to Poison Control. All it takes is one moment for a curious child to discover a pill organizer in a purse or on a bathroom counter for that encounter to turn fatal.

The RxGuardian PillMinder™ has been designed to add an extra layer of security to a seven-day pill organizer to help prevent accidental medication poisoning.

The RxGuardian PillMinder™ uses a push-and-slide mechanism for opening and closing. It makes a “clicking” sound when properly closed, so you can rest assured that you have secured your medications against spills and made it more difficult for children to access.

Children are naturally drawn to bright colors, so the colored tabs on the RxGuardian PillMinder™ compartments are intentionally earth-toned and muted to avoid unnecessary attention from young children.

Push and Slide for Easy Opening

The RxGuardian PillMinder™ has passed testing to be arthritis-friendly, and easy to open. The pill organizer uses a push-and-slide mechanism for opening and closing. An audible “click” will tell you when you’ve secured the individual compartments. The RxGuardian PillMinder™ can be opened with one hand. You can easily access your medications when you need them, and rest assured that they are secure when you don’t.

Award-Winning Design

The RxGuardian PillMinder™ design was selected as an awardee in a Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS Pill Protect challenge aimed at preventing or reducing accidental access by children to medications in pill minders, pill organizers, or pill dispensers.

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Award Winner – Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLabs Pill Protect QuickFire Challenge

How Does the PillMinder™ Work?

The PillMinder™ is a 7-day pill organizer with a redesigned open-and-closing mechanism and deep compartments to fit multiple pills or larger pills. Each tab is a different color and labeled with a day of the week to help with pill organization. Simply fill each compartment with the medications needed, then push down on the tab and slide it closed. You will hear a clicking noise to confirm that you have properly closed the tab. To open the PillMinder™, push down on the tab and slide it back open.

The PillMinder™ has been listed with the FDA.

Safety Disclaimer:

Please note that the RxGuardian PillMinder™ is designed to reduce the likelihood of medication spills and unintentional access that can lead to medication poisoning. However, it is not a child-proof or child-resistant device. The RxGuardian PillMinder™ is not a safe. It will not prevent an unauthorized person from accessing your medications.

If you need additional protection to prevent unauthorized access to your medications, please see our medication safekeeping devices, such as our Safer Lock, Safer Lock Box, or Rx Locking Cap.

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