6 Must Have Baby Safety Products for Your Home

Your home should be a safe haven for your baby, and not a danger zone. Here are our picks for the must-have baby safety products that every home needs.

Baby safety products can help protect your little one from infant to toddler years. Your home should be a safe haven for your baby, and not a danger zone. Here are our picks for the must-have baby safety products that every home needs.

Baby Gates

Once your baby starts crawling, baby gates will be a necessity in your home. Gates come in many different shapes and sizes, and you may want a few different styles depending on how you intend to use them. You may choose door gates to keep baby in (or out) of a certain room, wall mounted gates for stairs and fireplace hearths, or free-standing and movable gates to create “baby safe” zones throughout the home. As your little one progresses from crawling to standing to walking, gates become even more important.

Outlet Covers

Electrical outlets are typically placed around 12” from the ground, putting them in direct eyesight of your baby or toddler. Outlet covers may be one of the most popular baby safety products used, but some may be of more use to you than others. Toddlers may be able to pry off individual plugs that cover one outlet at a time, and their small size can become a choking hazard. The latest outlet covers on the market cover both outlets at once, and some even have built-in cord shorteners.

Locking Pill Bottles

Not only is your prescription medicine a hazard for your curious infant or toddler, but commonly used over-the-counter vitamins, medicines, and natural supplements can pose a huge danger as well. Locking pill bottles are a convenient and affordable solution to help ensure that your little one does not accidentally poison themselves with vitamins and medications kept in the house (or even in a purse).

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Drawer, Cupboard, and Door Locks

Once baby is standing and walking, doors and drawers will become fascinating and dangerous objects of affection. Babies can slam fingers in doors and drawers, as well as get access to choking hazards, poison, and other harmful items that you thought you put out of reach. Doorknob covers can help keep baby from entering off limits rooms, while drawer and cupboard locks will keep curious little ones from opening (and closing, and opening, and closing) the places where you have most likely hidden things out of their sight.

Appliance Locks

Stove knob covers, latches for dishwashers and ovens, and even toilet locks are essential but often overlooked baby safety products. The natural curiosity of your infant or toddler can put them at serious risk if these household appliances aren’t secured. Toilets pose a drowning risk, ovens carry the risk of severe burns, and open dishwashers often contain sharp utensils such as kitchen knives and peelers.

Furniture Padding and Straps

As your infant begins to pull himself upright to stand, or to take his first wobbly steps around your home, furniture becomes a legitimate safety concern. Coffee tables, dressers, book shelves, and many other furniture items in your home may have sharp edges and corners. If a heavy piece of furniture or media fell on your little one, the result could be devastating. Furniture, TVs, and even large speakers should be secured to a wall with straps, safety brackets, or wall mounted anchors.

Baby proofing your home is one way that you can help keep your child safe and protected. Be aware of the potential risks to your baby, get down low to the ground and look at each room of your home through the eyes of your child to make sure you have these must-have baby safety products installed in your home today.

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