IoT Adherence Prototype Overview

The High Cost of the Opioid Epidemic

RxGuardian is the market leader in preventing the diversion of prescription medications in the home. RxGuardian is expanding our product portfolio by introducing an Internet of Things (IoT) Adherence prototype designed to help patients be compliant with prescription protocols and provide analytics that include patient outcomes via integrations with EMR/EHR’s, wearables (FitBit, AppleWatch), and voice assistance (Siri, Alexa, Google).

3,000 kids begin experimenting with prescription drugs every day.

  • 70% obtained from home
  • 45K people abuse opioids per day
  • $2.5T full cost of Opioid crisis (2015 to 2018)

Medication Adherence Saves Lives

Improving medication adherence reduces healthcare costs, and improves healthcare outcomes. Studies have demonstrated that every 1% improvement in medication adherence enables the US healthcare industry to save up to $2 billion per year, resulting in an increase in pharmaceutical revenues by $4 billion a year. The two key medication adherence drivers are the rising demand for mobile health monitoring (mHealth) and a rising trend towards personalized healthcare.

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